I was browsing the web for ways to make money from home for free and I found a site that has a nice payout rate and payment plan system. Payments to you of course.

The work involved consists of signing up for free info on products and services, joining free websites, completing surveys, and even playing games. The payouts depend on the company that is hosting the offer, and whether or not you complete the offer fully. The website has a forum for users to interact and discuss and a support center.

So if you have no job, or are just wasting time chating about nothing and would like a real chance to make some easy cash for free read a bit more and decided if it's for you or not.

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In this blog we'll discuss how to earn some free money using possibly the best GTP (Get Paid To) site on the web. It's called CashCrate. Maybe you've read about this somewhere else and where sceptical as to weither or not you should sign up? I promise, it's totally worth it! For just a few mintues a day you can earn an extra $100 or more a month.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Recieved my first check from CashCrate!

Just for filling out a few 100% free offers I recieved $30. Keep in mind that I spent very little time working with CashCrate.

Here's a picture of the check:
Note: I covered up the check, account, and routing numbers on the check with MSPaint for security purposes.
View Check Here

If you want to get your free check in the mail click here to join.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Get My Free Cash Crate E-Book

Join Today!! from my page and then check your messages on CashCrate There will be a link to download the free ebook! If you sign up and DON'T find the link to your free ebook you can post a comment here or email me at onlinecashforfree@gmail.com

Saturday, February 13, 2010

February Member Contest!

This month the CashCrate team is offering a reward for the top 25 people who complete the most free offers and research surveys. 1st Place will recieve an extra $50 on your check! The lowest you can win is an extra $10 bucks! How can you say no? Join free, do free offers, earn free cash. The contest just started Feb. 13th. So Join Now and start completeing the free offers and reseach surveys.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Blogger Customization Tips

This site has pretty much everything you think of as far as customizing your blogger.com blog. The first thing I learned to do was add extra columns in the foot of my template and customize the font and link colors. After that, I decided to read about changing the width of my posts. This is helpful because sometimes if you just embed a picture in you post it will get cut off on some templates. Next, I plan on learning how I can further customize the elements of my blog like adding sidebars, customizing widgets and more.
Click below to learn more.
Blogger Templates and help - Blogbulk.com

Monday, February 1, 2010

Speed Up FireFox Tweeks

I just found an awesome blog about how to increase speed on your Firefox browser. I tried it and it really worked well on my dial up connection. I'd say it'd be worth a try for anyone having speed issues with Firefox.
Read more here: 8 Tweaks to Increase Firefox Speed